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Tam Shepherds

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Roy Walton Vol 1 (Out of stock)

The Complete Walton Volume 1 is a classic book on card magic, long out of print and overlooked by many. Those that missed the opportunity previously to add this volume to their collection will be delighted to once again be able to lay their hands on this material. A new generation of magicians will also be able to experience and study the work of one of the true masters of the craft. With a foreword by Dai Vernon offering praise and stating that some of the effects are “truly brilliant” you know this material has and will continue to stand the test of time.
Classic Walton effects such as ‘Oil and Queens’ and ‘The Smiling Mule’ can be found within, along with Roy’s personal handlings of particular sleights such as The Classic Pass, The Half Pass, The Turnover Pass, The Top Card Cover Pass, The Second Deal, The Bottom Deal and many other useful techniques. Roy Walton’s ‘Paintbrush Change’ is a very visual colour change which would be a welcome addition to anyone’s repertoire. The section on sleights means that those not familiar with a particular technique can learn the required move and then continue with learning the rest of the routine without having to consult other sources of information.
Hard back, 5-1/2 x 8-3/4 inches, with over 60 illustrations.

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